The LOB-cv, a good preparation for your higher education

Soon you will start your study programme. You have already chosen your study programme, or you are busy with orientation and looking for a programme that suits you. The LOB-cv is a handy tool to prepare for your study programme check and the start at your study programme in higher education. By working on your LOB-cv, you will gain insights, and you will have all information in one place that you will need for choosing and preparing for your studies. It is important that you think hard about what is important to you during your orientation of higher education. Also document all your extra activities well, throughout your time at school.

Higher education students are expected to know themselves well. What are you good at?
(competencies). What are things you need to work on? How did you manage your orientation when deciding on a study programme? What was your motivation to choose for that one particular study programme? What are your expectations of your study programme? Which extra activities did you participate in?
You need answers to these questions when you do your study programme check/intake at any of the four institutions of higher education in Rotterdam: Thomas More, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, INHolland or Codarts and Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Using the LOB-cv, you will be able to present yourself well. Take the resume with you to the interview. Together with the intaker, you can determine if the choice of study programme that you have made is really the best fit for you!

Getting started with the LOB-cv

Start with your e-mail address. Once you have logged in to your account, you will see six sections to be filled in. Go through them all and fill everything in as well as you can. Think deeply about what you want to include in your LOB-cv (and what you want to exclude), and why. Take it seriously, if not, you will shortchange yourself. Also fill it in honestly, otherwise the intaker cannot truly help you determine if the study programme is the best option for you.



Students manage their own accounts, determine the content and who gets access. Your parent(s) do not have access, unless you share the content with them
(on the screen, or in print/pdf). The data that you enter can be used for research purposes by institutions of higher education to evaluate the study choice process, and study success, but the results are not traceable to one person. The data on is not shared with third parties.


The LOB-cv has been jointly developed by four Rotterdam institutions of higher education and secondary education schools. Copyright of the is held by the LOB group of the collaborative project linking secondary education to higher education: “Samen werken aan een betere aansluiting”. Multiplication in any form is only permitted after prior approval from the LOB group.

The LOB-cv, a good start at higher education

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