The LOB-cv, instruction for intaker higher education

For the intakers of higher education:

An increasing number of study programmes use the LOB-cv as an instrument during the study programme check and for career coaching. By filling in the LOB-cv, the perspective student is well-prepared to start higher education with the study programme check or with another intake activity such as a study programme advisory interview. The LOB-cv includes important matters such as skills, expectations, motivation, and other matters that describe the perspective student or that he/she finds important.

Below you will find an instruction including starting points for using the LOB-cv as part of the study programme check and at the start of higher education.

General information LOB-cv

The LOB-cv is a digital instrument that has been developed by secondary education together with the four institutions of higher education in Rotterdam in order to optimally prepare perspective students for the study programme check and their higher education at the study programme of his/her choice. The instrument links LOB (career orientation and guidance) at secondary education and the study programme coaching in higher education. The intaker has more qualitative input at his disposal for the interview, or for the intake activity. In addition, because the perspective student is better prepared, the study programme check or intake activity will be of higher quality and the LOB-cv (as is expected) will contribute to the study programme success of the perspective student.

The LOB-cv has been developed as part of a collaborative project ‘Samen werken aan een betere aansluiting’ whereby institutions of secondary and higher education
in the Rotterdam region develop instruments that will improve the transition from secondary education to higher education.

The LOB-cv has been jointly developed by four Rotterdam schools of higher education and secondary education schools. Copyright of the is held by the LOB group of the collaborative project linking secondary education to higher education: “Samen werken aan een betere aansluiting”. Multiplication in any form is only permitted after prior approval by the LOB group.

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